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Highland Beef - what should be for dinner

The business end of any beef animal is the amount and quality of the beef it produces. Today's consumers are increasingly demanding meat that is lean and low in cholesterol, and the resurgence of "heritage" breeds shows that diners also appreciate unique, more natural taste. Scottish Highland beef is uniquely suited to meet these requirements, as it is lean, well marbled and flavorful with little outside waste fat.

At Ain't Right Ranch, great, natural beef starts with great natural care. We don't prophylactically feed our cattle antibiotics to keep the herd healthy - we treat individual animals. We feed primarily dairy quality alfalfa hay and supplement with sudex and oats. We do not use any growth hormones, steroids, or animal by-products. We pride ourselves on raising all natural 100% pure Scottish Highland beef. When you purchase meat from Ain't Right Ranch, you can be assured you are receiving premium quality beef.

Our cattle are slaughtered locally, and USDA packed/certified. All packages are shrinkwrapped for freshness. We can ship frozen meat direct to you – contact us to arrange the details


Cooking Highland Beef

Because Highland beef is so lean, you'll find that cooking it is different from the commercial feedlot-finished beef that you might be used to. Highland cooks more like game meat - remember...low and slow. Your patience will be rewarded.

Recipes from the American Highland Cattle Association