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Beef so good, it just ain't right

Welcome to Ain’t Right Ranch, Colorado’s home for award-winning Scottish Highland Cattle. We pride ourselves on breeding beautiful animals, raised with love – not chemicals.

Producing a quality product in a humane and caring way takes more time and a lot more effort. But we think you'll agree - the difference is obvious.

What is Ain't Right Ranch?

Established in 1990, Ain't Right Ranch is run by Rockelle "Rocky" Rissler and Rick Krumpeck, near lovely Platteville, Colorado. The ranch is named for the fact that Rick is left-handed and he "just ain't right!"

Rocky originally fell in love with Highlands as an excuse to drive a tractor. Rick's experience with the breed began at the same place where yours may - on the fork.

The other member of the Ain't Right team is our Catahoula Leopard dog, Packer. As you can see, Packer is always willing to pitch in to care for the cattle, no matter what it takes.

Look! It’s a guy in skirt!

We attend shows around the country to meet our peers, to network with other breeders, and to buy animals that will help us to expand our bloodlines.

Another important reason that we choose to show our animals is to see friends in the Highland community, some of whom we only see at shows. Not only does this give us the opportunity to drink beer in a different environment - thus improving our own skillset - but it gives Rick an invaluable excuse to wear his kilt! Although check out those legs…does he need an excuse?